Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ready to Roll

So, here's where the main event of our vacation really began. We did a four-day bike tour in and around Durango, Colorado, organized by Santana Cycles, who manufactures tandem (and triple, quad and quint) bikes. There were about thirty teams of riders who descended on Durango, of all ages -- from small children riding with parents, to young couples and retired folks. All with their lycra shorts, loud jerseys and odd-looking bikes. We were quite a sight.

In this photo, our fearless leader, Bill McCready of Santana, was giving us all a pep talk before our very first ride.

But, the day's fun went beyond a little ride around town. I had to share a few more shots from our night out at the Bar D Chuckwagon Ranch

(For a taste of the evening's entertainment, click here.)


Brian Boonstra said...

I expected to see Maya with a six-shooter!

Jeff M said...

Biking through Durango sounds like a blast. Neat town - I've been there on the way to Moab.