Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't Look Down

The people who inhabited the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde centuries ago probably never had a fear of heights. Or claustrophobia.

To reach the ancient sites, visitors must descend deep into the canyon, then climb a steep 32 foot tall ladder to enter the homes. From there, it's several narrow passages - including one section that can only be negotiated on hands and knees - followed by tiny rooms that verge on the cliff face, and a final 60 foot ascent on ladders and skinny stone steps to get out of the ruins.

All of which required this tourist to get out of her comfort zone in the pursuit of a little vacation-adventure-inspired enlightenment. It was just the beginning...


Joyce said...

Years ago at Mesa Verde, there was a sign that the guard rails were removed the next 17 miles. I remember spending my time there worrying about the trip out. Made an impression! The girls climbed into a kiva. Great angle on your shot.

Jeff M said...

Very cool shot.