Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cowboy Dave, My Hero...

Now, I'm no geologist, but I know enough about Colorado to know that there are lots of hills there. It's mountainous. So, I was prepared for some climbs. But, the hills just kept coming all morning -- steep and looonnngg! Somewhere around our 40th uphill mile, just about the time we were ready to call a cab -- as if we could have ever found one, let alone get a cell phone signal on this remote hillside -- we were rescued by this fine gentleman.

Dave -- cowboy, Marine, pick-up truck owner -- very generously agreed to ferry us the remaining three vertical miles to our lunch stop. He stepped, lean and leathery, right out of Central Casting to play the role of rancher rescuer of five hapless city slickers who were bested by the hills on their goofy-looking bikes. Seriously, I almost kissed him right there.
But, I decided it would be better to save the smooches for Mr. CM, who had the inspiration to hail us a cowboy in the first place.


Haley said...

I can imagine the words that were being said aloud and in your heads climbing the last hill. What a releif (to say the least) to catch a lift!

Ms Mgt said...

I tried to keep them all in my head.... but it wasn't easy! :)