what do you mean, crap?

There was a time when Crap Management was a fairly literal job title for me.  Parents of very young children will understand what I mean.

As time passed, and my children grew, my role as Crap Manager came to encompass the responsibility for herding and tracking all of the things that a family of 5 tends to accumulate.  You know -- toys, books, shoes, dirty laundry, clean laundry, groceries, mail, pets, hot water heaters, doctors' appointments, outgrown soccer cleats, stomach bugs, grass  -- that sort of thing.

More time passed,  and Crap Management took on another dimension.  This blog emerged out of a need to reconnect with my interests, to rekindle my passion.  And it was wonderful, to explore and master skills that I had forgotten in my busy-ness.  Even better, that process focused me on the everyday magic that we loose sight of when we are focused on keeping track of, well... crap.

Looking around my house now, things are different here than they used to be.  Kids are older,  taking on Management responsibilities of their own.  One left for college.  Lots has changed since the days of young familyhood.   One thing remains the same, though: there is no shortage of Crap waiting to take you down on any given day.  

So, that's where the industry is today.  The forces of crappy, unnecessary, energy-sapping, time-wasting nonsense will always be out there. Push back.  Refocus on the tiny triumphs, ordinary joys and everyday magic.  

ps: My apologies to anyone who is truly offended by the word "crap".  You should probably worry less about what other people say, though.