Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Fortune

I don't consider myself a perfectionist - who has time for that? But I looked at the few photos I had taken on this day & said to myself, "Meh." Which sent me on a quest for something better... which led me to the pile of uneaten fortune cookies on the kitchen counter... I think I opened three before I found this one. Bingo!


Carol said...

I love the shot Chris, and I love the story behind it!! I am a perfectionist wanna-be. I don't have the time for it either. :-)

Ms Mgt said...

Ha! I like that -- "perfectionist wanna-be"!
I mean, we all *yearn* for perfection, right? Who wouldn't?
But even though I yearn, I lack commitment & follow-through... ;)

Unknown said...

Another nice pic!

Anonymous said...

From a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I think you are in denial, Chris! ;-)

Great story and photo to match!