Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eight, Two Ways

Another milestone at our house. The birthday girl humored me and sat - momentarily - for a photo... And then she swung (?) for another one:

Of this shot, she said, "I like it because my hair looks like fire. And, I am completely vertical."
Hard to argue with that.


Joyce said...

I love getting acquainted with your kids. I hear about them occasionally at D-T birthday celebrations. I look forward each day to see what you have captured. You really are quite good!

Carol said...

Please wish her a very happy birthday for me!!! :-) You have done an outstanding job on the first portrait. It's wonderful and the second shot is just plain FUN!

Ms Mgt said...

Joyce, thanks for tuning in. I love hearing from you!

Thanks Carol, will do!


PG said...

nice catch on the swing shot! Although I can totally understand that capturing that first one might have been more difficult!