Friday, April 30, 2010


My good buddy Ann is a friend to animals, and a strong pack leader. Her place is home to a variety of critters, some who live there permanently, and others who are on their way to finding a "forever home." She's been noticing that the the dogs and cats who are available for adoption through sites like, etc, "move" faster when they have a nice-quality photo to accompany their listing.

So, we got together for a quick shoot... What a sweet pooch! I hope her new headshot does the trick.


Attie's Mom said...

I agree with Ann. Thanks for helping Missy out.

Carol said...

What a beautiful girl! Missy looks like such a sweetheart, and I think it's great that you helped out by taking such a wonderful photo of her. I know if I were looking, your photo of Missy would have sealed the deal for me. It would have been love at first sight. Good luck to Missy! :-)