Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Look

Of all the things I did this summer, this might be the craziest. Or, the coolest.
I shot this photo from inside a Sonex experimental, homebuilt, aerobatic plane with a fancy paint job. It seats two adults snugly. Add a camera with a long lens and it gets pretty tight in there. However, the visibility is excellent, because the top is made of clear plexiglass all around. It flips open like the top of an orange-to-green-shade-shifting jewelbox.

When we took off early this morning the air was so calm, we glided smoothly over the beach neighborhoods where I have spent nearly every summer. Even from our vantage point, the colors, textures and waves are as familiar to me as my own family. Even though we couldn't hear the surf or put our feet in the sand, I know how this beach sounds, I know how it changes with the tide, and with the hour. Capturing one last look from above was a great way to end the season.

Thanks, Aaron!

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Attie's Mom said...

wow - I just clicked on the link to the plane and just saw how crazy/cool you really are!!!