Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Bus Stop Gang

Backpacks? Check.
Nametags? Check.
New shoes? Check.
Carefully selected outfit? Check.
First graders: poster of family photos? Check, check and check.
Parents: camera & a hanky, just in case? (sniff) Check!


Unknown said...

Great shot!
How did you get it all so well exposed?

Attie's Mom said...

Look at the kids (your girls especially), looking all stylish in their first day of school clothes.

PG said...

agree Una. Bus stop time this time of year has BRUTAL low sun that is usually making everybody squint or making parts of photos really hot.

well done.

Ms Mgt said...

Thanks! I wish I could tell you I owe it all to my exceptional skills (lol)... but mostly, I just got lucky. The sun was behind me, and there is also a large pine tree back there, which kept the direct sun out of their eyes.

AM: It was a struggle to keep them out of their new school clothes prior to the first day. There's no holding back the fashion now! ;)

Nora said...