Sunday, March 23, 2014

Once Upon a Time, I began this blog as a daily photo project, with this:
What do you call your field of expertise, if you don't care for the term "homemaker", or "stay-at-home mother", or "domestic engineer"...? During a particularly bleak moment, I christened it Crap Management. At the entry level, this moniker is a fairly literal job description. The responsibilities expand, though, until the Manager is left holding a bag large enough to obscure all but traces of her former self. I'd like to redefine Crap Management. Let's consider it an effort to keep the crap at bay, to move on to what inspires...and leave the junk behind. With that in mind, I offer these photos. I hope to improve as a photographer. I hope I can capture ordinary moments that reveal joy, or tiny triumphs. I hope it doesn't get too boring. I hope you like them.
Over the course of two years, I reacquainted myself with an interest and art I had left behind in the all-consuming process of tending to a young family. Eventually, the daily-ness of blogging changed to sporadic, then random, and then quiet... I have moved on to new things, but I still have a warm spot for these imperfect images and words. Each photo takes me back to a moment, a clear memory of an event, an interaction, an expression, a feeling, that might have been lost to me without the visual bookmark. So, as I consider what is next for CM, I think I'll leave them right here.

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