Monday, March 24, 2014

Cone of Happiness

Poor Wally.  

Our best furry friend had a procedure last week.  Nothing scary, just the sort of thing that older dogs (he's 11!) have to deal with every now and then.  The vet calls them lipomas, you and I know them as lumps of fat.  Usually, they don't require intervention, but when you have them where Wally had them, well, they need to be dealt with before they cause other issues.  Like hygiene issues....

OK, I'll just say it.  He had surgery on his bum.  

Which, obviously, is bad enough.  But, it gets worse. 

He must wear the Cone of Shame.  Might as well let the whole world know that he cannot be trusted to not interfere with his sensitive post-operative areas.

It's almost too much for one dog, especially one as sensitive as our Walter,  to take.  

Thankfully, you can't keep a good dog down for long.  He's putting on a brave face, even if it is in a cone, and battling the awful stigma that he and others must confront. And what better way to resurrect this long-forgotten blog?  What better conflict to explore through the methods of Crap Management?

And so, dear internet, we give you...

The Cone of Happiness!

Stay tuned as Wally finds new ways to turn his frown upside down...

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