Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer's End

You can't say we didn't have a great summer.

As it winds to a close, though, I can't help but feel a little panicky. Did we forget anything? Did we do all the things we were supposed to do? Was it enriching enough? Was it relaxing enough? Did we go to the beach enough? Did we work enough? Did we sleep in enough? Did we eat outside enough...?

I know (since many of you have reminded me recently...) I haven't been updating this space enough. Sorry about that. I've been shooting all summer, maybe not every day, but regularly enough that there is plenty of photographic evidence of a summer well-spent. Which is a comfort, as the last days of summer slip away. The seasons seem to advance more quickly all the time, catching me unprepared, leaving me unsettled. At least the images stay put.

The end of summer/back to school interval is quite a loaded season, isn't it? There's panic. And a little sadness. Some anxiety. A smattering of relief. Happy anticipation. And gratitude.

Thanks for continuing to check in with me. Enjoy the long weekend, and I'll see you soon!

1 comment:

Kathie said...

Another wonderful photo! It was really nice meeting you in the library the other day. I'm feeling just the same about the end of summer. I'm sure in a few weeks it will all be a blur.