Friday, September 9, 2011

And... They're Off!

After all the anticipation, this is how it goes:

The kids wait and watch, in their new shoes and backpacks, for the bus to arrive. All the parents are there, smiling bravely, cameras in hand. The bus is late to arrive, and tension builds... When the bus finally does pull up, the kids are more than ready to go, and breaking free of the hugs and kisses, sprint away. Parents are caught flat-footed, fumbling to get a photo before kids disappear into the bus, and trying to peer through the windows to see that their child has found a friend to sit next to.

And that's it. Nothing more to see here, folks. Nothing left to do but go home, have a little cry (admit it), and move on. By the end of the week, their departure will be the routine, somewhat harried event we can all relax and enjoy.