Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is our first year on a gymnastics team, and it has been so interesting to watch the girls train and compete. I give them lots of credit for working hard in practice to learn their skills & routines. They come to meets prepared & focused. They encourage each other. And they have performed very well.

Of course, sometimes there are fumbles... for instance, moments after I took this photo, she slipped off the beam, coming out of a handstand. But, they pick up right where they left off, and keep going. Without drama, and without losing focus.

And if you happen to ask later, very casually, off-handedly, and without criticism: "So, what happened on the beam, you know... when you fell off?" You will get a response, spoken slowly, and somewhat firmly, as if to an unreasonable child: "It's a BEAM. It's only 4 inches wide."

How about that? I didn't know she was going to learn that kind of balance in gymnastics.

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Ruprecht said...

Not being a big fan of the balance beam doesn’t diminish my respect for anyone who tries and masters it.

Tough stuff, indeed …