Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Boarder" Collie

Hannah is staying with us for the week! We like having her around. She's a sweet pooch, and smart as a whip. In her free time, she enjoys going for long walks, chasing tennis balls, catching frisbees, playing volleyball, dribbling a soccer ball, discussing current events, chasing waterfowl, watching golf on tv, and doing odd jobs. Today, she alphabetized my spice rack.


Anonymous said...

She likes being helpful, and waking the family up in the morning...that's what we miss the most, (thanks for the picture)
luv p/m

amy k said...

How does Wally feel about this? Hannah is awesome! Glad your parents are getting some R and R :)

Ms Mgt said...

Wally is just fine with it... though Hannah realizes she is his intellectual superior & doesn't even give him the time of day. :)

P & M -- enjoy your vaca, and know that Hannah is keeping busy! She has a soccer ball & three tennis balls in rotation, and plenty of people to play catch with!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a 'dog seeking dog' personal ad! :-)

Ruprecht said...

Cripes ... !!!

I hope you're paying her well ... !!!