Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Talk about a hot mess.

This was from day 4 of the rainstorm. Kids had been inside a long time, and in the name of fostering creativity - and turning off the TV -- I agreed to this project. Making big crayons out of little crayons was the general idea, using the oven at low temp to melt the bits together.

Yeah. A week alter, I am still scrubbing crayon off of cutting boards, cheese graters and muffin tins. Anyone have any creative solutions for me?


Becky Home-Ecky said...

Put the stuff in the freezer and hopefully it will freeze/flake off easily. I've never tried it with crayons, but it does work with candle wax.

Ms Mgt said...

Well, Becky, you sound like a real smarty-pants. I'll try it! Thanks!!