Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Eggs

There's been a lot of talk about eggs in the news lately. Or, at least there was a week ago when I shot this photo...

Anyhoo. Have you been worried about getting tainted eggs? More importantly -- how do you feel about brown eggs? Growing up in the northeast, we only ever had brown eggs in the supermarket. Except at Easter, when the stores would stock white eggs for coloring. As kids, we were very concerned that my mother would "lay in" enough of a supply of white eggs for the holiday before the stores ran out....

These days, there seem to be plenty of white eggs in the dairy cases. But, I still usually buy brown ones. I wonder if brown eggs are considered an oddity in other parts of the country?


Alohadave said...

I grew up in South Carolina and Washington state, and all we ever had was white eggs.

Did you know that brown eggs come from Red hens, and white eggs from White hens?

Carol said...

Remember the commercial jingle that goes like this:
"brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh"!
To Dave: Noi, I didn't know that fact. Thanks!