Friday, July 30, 2010

Not A Happy Camper

It is turning into an annual event, "The Girls' Not-Quite-Overnight Camp-out in the Backyard." They get all fired up about sleeping outside, and pitch the tent, pull out their sleeping bags, round up the flashlights, and gather up some books. In addition, they try very hard all afternoon not to mention raccoons, so they don't spook themselves about the great suburban outdoors.

This time, they thought it would be nice if Wally joined them. He was not completely sold on that idea.

No matter. By 11 pm, everyone was back in the house again.


Joyce said...

Wonderful picture. Wally is doubtful. PF hasn't played any pranks on them in the past has he? Tell them to keep trying.

Stephanie said...

Nice caption even though Wally was not happy about it.

Carol said...

Just precious!! :-)

Ms Mgt said...

Thanks, all.

Joyce, there is no history of pranks. That I know of...