Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crime Scene

While frolicking in the waves the other day, I was a victim of attempted larceny at the hands (beak?) of this thug:

Long story short, it appears that the seagulls at our local beach have learned that yummy goodies often reside inside the plastic grocery bags that folks tote to the shore. So, perhaps it was not the best idea to place my camera, and its protective foam nest for inside my purse, into such a bag? (To guard it from sand and water, of course... the irony!)

Anyway, if you look carefully at the top photo, you can see where the plastic bag was dragged out of our beach bag, across the sand, and unceremoniously emptied. Luckily, I happened to look up from the water at just the right moment, to see the grocery bag floating away on an ocean breeze... Running up the beach to our spot, I found the business end of my camera's lens half covered in sand, with small webbed footprints all around. The perps, by then, had fled.

Luckily, there seems to be no real damage. But be forewarned! Clearly these hoodlums aren't smart enough to know the good stuff when they find it, but can still inflict pain & suffering!


Michelle said...

that is one nervy bird!

Carol said...

I love this funny story Christine. So glad it had a happy ending......thank goodness the camera survived the attack! I also really like that adorable gull photo. I love the pose!:-)