Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out Back

I'm behind in my gardening. Usually by now, I have planted some annuals in pots and around the edges of the patio and walks... This year, I have thus far only managed to stay one step ahead of the weeds. Thankfully, the hydrangeas have my back, and are already producing a record amount of blooms.


Stephanie said...

I am finally got most of my garden in. Still have some empty pots though to fill. Will go to the gardening center this week to pick up some flowers already growing and in bloom. Pulled out some weeds yesterday and my arms and shoulders are feeling it today. Your back yard looks pretty good though! Nice composition too.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it is gonna be a GREAT year for hydrangeas! Mine are LOADED with blooms, too!

Yeah, we are all a little behind... :-)

I have a similar flagstone path!

Carol said...

Beautiful photo Chris. I really like the composition very much. I don't have any hydrangea may have just inspired me to get some.