Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Finally, the event all the fifth graders have been waiting for -- the presentation of their "Independent Learning Projects." Each student researched the topic of their choosing, wrote a paper, and presented their topic in all of its multi-faceted complexity - on a triboard, of course -- in the cafeteria this morning.

In our case, we have been on a Greek Mythology bender for weeks now. To her credit, she was enthusiastic - and exhaustive - in her research. Her knowledge of Greek mythology is encyclopedic. Seriously, I think it's right up there with her Harry Potter knowledge. Which is staggering. Ask her anything!

(Recognize the outfit? Turns out her dance tunic made the perfect Artemis costume!)


Attie's Mom said...

Great - we'll have to get her and Attie together to get their Greek On.
Tell her congrats on doing a great job for her ILP

PG said...

Love the corporate name/logo angle!!! Olympus (I assume), Nike, the winged foot on Goodyear. Love it!! What others are there?

Ms Mgt said...

You are correct, PG. And since you asked: Honda's Odyssey,, Pandora (jewelry & radio), Oracle Corp., Midas, Phoenix Suns, Canon EOS (goddess of the dawn!), Cerberus Capital Mgt, Apollo Theater, Aegis Security, FTD FLowers, Trident gum, Poseidon Seafood, Mobil's old Pegasus logo, Olympic rings, Wonder Woman's logo (she was an Amazon!), Clash of the Titans movie, Disney's Hercules, Versace's Logo (Medusa's head), Nissan Titan, plus the Atlas & Prometheus statues from Rockefeller Center.

The list could go on, but there's only so much real estate on a triboard... It's really amazing (there's amazon again) how many of these references are in our culture when you start to look.

Anonymous said...

Great job Maddie. May you continue to have the curiosity of Pandora, the energy of Artemis and the wisdom of Athena.
Uncle Jim

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a future U of C student!! And I only mean that it the best possible way.