Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Dancer

It's springtime! Cue the end-of-year festivities, concerts and recitals!

Sunday was her dance performance, which she has been looking forward to with great anticipation. She studies Isadora Duncan dance, which is everything ballet is not. The girls wear flowing costumes, with bare feet and loose hair. The movements are natural, athletic, interpretive and modern. The stories of the dances are inspired by nature and mythology. It all sounds very artsy-fartsy, doesn't it? She looooves it. And it was great show, too!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and regal looking. I love the composition of the top photo.

Joyce said...

I would have loved to attend. She is such a beauty. She looks graceful. Did her sibs attend too?

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Chris.