Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Showers

The recent warm-up caused everything to bloom in the last week or so. But today's drop in temps and chilly rain prompted the tulips to button up against the elements.


Joyce said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Attie's Mom said...

Looks like rain on a tulip is a common pic for this time of the year.
Nice pic.

Ms Mgt said...

Thanks -- we're all tip-toeing thru the tulips, cameras in hand. Check out the link to Carols' View of New England, on the right of the page, she's got one, too!

Carol said...

I love your tulip shot! It's so funny that three of us all had the same idea. Three photos with the same subject matter.....but each unique and different from one another!

slim said...

We're all thinking alike these days . . . you really captured this tulip with it's delicate petals folding back in on itself. Carol just stopped by QDP and mentioned CM as the gateway to my blog. I'm glad she did you've got a great eye and a wonderful blog. I really like the hurdlers.

Good luck with the 365! I'm approaching my 1000th post this week and have had a great time with it.