Sunday, March 21, 2010

Together Again

He hasn't been home since he left for school on Thursday, gone on a "field trip" to Philly with the high school band. During this time, our communication was limited to a few monosyllabic text messages. Which I thought showed considerable restraint (on our part) in this over-connected age...

But, when a teenager graces you with his presence, there's nothing quite like it. Mr CM & I just had to laugh when he fixed a box of mac & cheese for himself, and proceeded to eat all of it - straight from the pot - in front of the tv.

(technical note: Every so often, I really struggle with getting images to look right once they have been shrunk & uploaded to blogger. This is one of those times. I'm done messing with it for now. Hardly an award-winning photo, but just so you know, a bigger, better version can be seen here.)


Joyce said...

Ah, did he wash the pan too?

Ms Mgt said...

Alas, he did not. :)

Carol said...

Aaaaaah.....there's no place like home (with a pot of mac and cheese that is);)
I hope he had a great time on the band trip.

Nora said...

Yup, that kid's definitely related to me. Mac n cheese straight from the pot proves it.