Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back to the Beach?

It's been months since I've been at the beach for the "magic hour" of sunset. I was headed home, after dropping the girls at my parents' for a sleepover... and I had to pull over and get out the camera.

Well, I guess it has been too long, because the puddles and wet seawall didn't tip me off... Soon enough, the waves got me, crashing up and over the wall, spraying me, the car, my camera (thank you, Pentax weatherproofing!). It was a chilly & damp ride home.

On the other hand, that sunset is starting to happen closer to 5:30 pm than 3:30 pm is encouraging.


Lisa said...

You sure got some great pictures for the price of a soggy ride home!

Mr. CM said...

She's not kidding. I wondered aloud why one side of the car was a spattered mess while the other was just the usual mess. I was reminded to this blog entry.

Milkayphoto said...

Ha! Well, now Chris, consider yourself christened!! You know you are starting to think like a real photographer when you are so focussed on THE SHOT, that all other reasoning goes right out the door! Welcome to the CLUB! :-D