Saturday, October 10, 2009

The First Race

The perfect antidote to too much birthday party the night before turned out to be a day with the boys.
While it was still dark this morning, I loaded up the minivan with rowers and drove to New Hampshire for the Novice team's first regatta. The day was ideal, if a bit overcast, with leaves almost at peak and mild temps.
If you'd like to see more images from today, click here.


Leslie said...

Those are some great photos of a beautiful fall day. Really enjoy the shots of the paddles, those would be great framed and hung in a boys room.

Nora said...

I totally just realized. You need to check out some pics of my dad when he was 10-15. Nick got his hair.

Ms Mgt said...

Thanks, Leslie! Not a bad idea!

Nora -- interesting observation... May it always be so. :)