Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pop Quiz

So, here's a quiz for you...

When you make brownies, what do you do with the "dirty" mixing bowl? Do you:
a) Lecture the children on the dangers of salmonella, and then wash it, and any utensils, immediately in hot, soapy water?
b) Give in to their pleading and let the kids have one tiny taste?
c) Hand over the bowl and allow them to lick it clean?
d) Send the children outside, and when nobody's watching, lick it clean yourself?


Attie's Mom said...

I'm going for C or D.
What am I doing wrong that my 8yo son thinks of A and refuses the bowl?

Ms Mgt said...

Hmmm...Sounds like your own instincts are right, so I don't know where he picked up such alarming tendecies...probably at school, I bet. I just hope it's not too late to turn things around!

toyfoto said...

I hand over the bowl and the mixers to the kids.


Ms Mgt said...

toyfoto --
I love it! I was going to say that you are very generous to share, but watching that sight is even better than licking batter...!