Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shower Trouble

Time was, getting the boy to bathe was challenging. Those days are over, but there are new obstacles.
For instance, on Sunday the shower faucet handle came apart in his hand as he was turning it off. More obstacles ensued. First, there was the jet of water that shot straight out of the wall. Then came the frantic search for the shut-off valves. Next was the dismantling of the adjacent linen closet to gain access to the pipes. Then Mr. Fixit took apart the fixture, pulled out the Reader's Digest Handyman Encyclopedia to learn how to fix it, conducted an exhaustive but unsuccessful online search for the broken part, and, finally...declared it time to call the plumber.


Ruprecht said...

Hmmmmm …..

Sounds as if the Reader's Digest Handyman Encyclopedia is sorely lacking … or it was published in a language other than one Mr. Fixit can interpret.

On the positive side, you’re doing your part to stimulate the economy. Good job.

………………. Ruprecht

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