Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project 365


What a difference a day makes.
I have set out on a new mission: to take one photograph each day for a year. It should be an interesting way to chronicle the next 365 days. In addition, I hope my camera skills will improve -- it stands to reason that if you do something everyday, you'll get better at it, right? Plus, I need more structure in my life.
So I embark, camera in hand, into the blogosphere. I am apprehensive about the blogging... I am not here for self-promotion; I'm just trying to keep myself honest. Knowing that I have announced my intentions "publicly" should help me stay on task. No doubt, much of what I capture will be pretty mundane, but maybe I'll get better at celebrating ordinary events and recognizing everyday triumphs.

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Anonymous said...

Love project 365. Ain't crap great!