Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sudoku Slam


The in-flight mags aren't that intriguing, but at least there's a few Sudoku puzzles in the back. On our flight out last week, I blitzed through a couple of "easy" ones to warm up, then started on a third. Soon, though, I was stymied. Stumped. I couldn't solve the puzzle.

(To add insult to injury, I found it especially disturbing that the puzzle was labeled "medium"... I can do those medium Sudoku at home, no problem! Gah! This had to be a misprint. Right...?)

I stashed it in the seat pocket in front of me, and deplaned, defeated.

Fast-forward five days later... Sudoku re-match on the return flight, and guesswhat? I did it. No problem.

Maybe I made a mistake on my first try that threw me off, maybe it was the altitude, maybe I was too distracted by the in-flight screening of "$#*! My Dad Says" (Really, United? This is what we're showing now?)... or maybe I just needed a vacation.


Joyce said...

The vacation worked!! You got your brain recharged - among other things.

Attie's Mom said...

Sudoku is my new "before bedtime" routine. I do one until I get stumped and then I'm good for sleep. The next night I pick up where I got stumped before and I can usually work through it.
I'm with you however, degree of difficulty and how they are labeled differs GREATLY between books.
"What do you mean that I'm having difficulty with a basic when I have done difficult in another book!!!"