Monday, March 14, 2011

Finishing What I Started...

You might remember, waaay back in November, I mentioned something about starting a little painting project in my kitchen? I had been having trouble choosing a color... but I did make a choice, and even bought the paint that week, promising myself I'd get it done, lickety-split, before the holidays.

(I'll pause here while you roll your eyes, maybe even chuckle, at that notion...)

Well, we all know how that story goes. In December, I even admitted to a friend that it would "probably be a January project."

(More laughing...)

Oh well. Nothing like a little spring tease weather to motivate some sprucing up around the house. My November/December/January/February/ March project is almost done!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Weren't you unsure of the color?