Saturday, February 12, 2011

Question for Netminders

We know it's called a "gaggle" of geese, a "school" of fish, an "army" of ants, a "clutch" of chicks, a "mob" of kangaroos, a "lounge" of lizards, even a "bloat" of hippopotami... but what do you call a group of hockey goalies?

A "block"? A "crease"? A "stench"?

Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

A stench. Definitely a stench. Especially if it is a bunch of girl goalies.

Ruprecht said...

"A thug of hockey players".

Believe you Rupe: This is the correct term. Girls or otherwise.

Ruprecht said...

Oh ... and if it's just goalies, then:

"A thick of goalies".

Girls ... or otherwise.

Nora said...

A bunch of kids. With skates.