Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick of the Holidays

Do you wanna know what really bums me out? Not sending a kid back to school on the first day after vacation because she's sick, that's what.

The nagging, hacking cough had been worsening for over a week, and kept her from sleeping the night before. Turns out, this "irritant cough" is likely the result of an allergy.... to our Christmas tree...!

Do you wanna know what really bums out a self-professed "tree hugger"? Being allergic to pine trees, that's what.


Ruprecht said...

Boo ... hissss ... boooooooo ....

Carol said...

Awwww......I'm sorry. Please tell her I feel her pain. I was getting sick every year around Christmas (I have bad asthma and allergies) and I finally realized I was allergic to the Christmas tree after all those years! (DUH!) Fake tree for us now too. :-(
Hope she feels better soon!