Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Meet

Since it was her gymnastics meet, I let her pick the photo for this post. Without a moment's hesitation, this is the one she chose.

Can't say I blame her. If I had a photo of me doing that, I'd put it on the internet, too.

If you want to see the ones she didn't pick, click here.


Carol said...

What a wonderful shot Chris!!! It's a perfect 10!!!!! (Both the handstand and the photo that is) :-) I loved all the follow up shots as well. You have quite an athletic kiddo there! Please give her my congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! How long can she hold that pose?? Congrats on the win!

Anonymous said...

Wow! great pictures!


Joyce said...

She has skill, form, and a perfect handstand. The photographer is not bad either. I wish you both long careers.