Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome Back...


I haven't exactly been religious about reading all of the books, but my kids have been, and the adventures at Hogwarts have been very familiar to us since the beginning. Prince Firstly was such a big fan, that when he needed glasses back in first grade, he chose round, dark wire frames. He finally gave them up in middle school. We used to think there couldn't possibly be a bigger Potter fan than him... until his sister came along. She identifies with Harry's brainy friend Hermione, and has the encyclopedic knowledge of the storylines and details to suit her heroine.

Luckily, I sat next to her during the movie. Where she happily - and quietly - filled in the gaps for me...

"Who's that guy?"
"What happened to Dumbledore?"
"Why did that lady just turn into a snake?"
"What just happened?"
"What do you mean, that's not the end...?"

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