Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Second Thoughts

Gazing out the windows on the backyard this morning, our thoughts ran along the lines of "What have we done?"

Our yard is full of rubble, mounds of dirt, uprooted fence sections and several plants on the verge of extinction. A moat four feet deep and three feet wide encircles the barn, requiring gymnastic efforts to complete mundane tasks, like taking out the trash. The bricks that trimmed part of the driveway are piled in an untidy heap next to the basketball hoop. Several nicks have appeared in the low clapboards, and tiny pockets of decay, long-hidden, are now glaringly visible.

Which led our thoughts to the only logical, unavoidable conclusion: No turning back now.

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Joyce said...

Had an hour of Holmes on Homes this am. I am into home improvement. This will be fun to follow. I'm home recovering from surgery, but I hope to fly to your area at the Holidays.