Saturday, September 4, 2010


So... it's been summertime, and while the shooting continues daily, you may have noticed that the posting has been less regular. I'm not proud of it, I make no excuses, that's just how it goes sometimes. In the summer especially.

Well, my lackadaisical ways have caught up to me. I goofed. Somehow, in trying to catch up with a backlog of photos & posts, I forgot about August 26. I took photos that day, I just skipped them when it came time to choose one for the day and blog it.

Which, if you consider what I had to work with, is understandable. Taking photos of the sink drain? Really?


Stephanie said...

a great photo though. So clear and lots of details!

Anonymous said...

What I've always LOVED about your blog is how absolutely creative you are! I've been in somewhat of a horrible slump, still taking photos and hating every single one resulting in no posts of late. Not sure why I beat myself up so, but when I read that others go through the very same 'whytheheckamIshootingthis?' and 'whowouldwanttoseeTHAT?' it makes me realize I am so not alone and that I need to get over myself and POST SOMETHING dammit! Thanks, Chris! :-)

Ms Mgt said...

Tracy, that is the beauty of the 365. You have to post something, even if it is crap. :) I think that's the biggest reason I continued with it -- I needed that prod to post, otherwise I would never do it, thinking nothing was worthy. And it's the exercise of working through the "what theheckamIdoing?" that yields the creative fruit. Lastly - we are our own harshest critics, remember.

Looking forward to your next post...