Friday, July 16, 2010

Another First Flight

My nephew decided he needed to learn how to ride a two-wheeler before he reports back to preschool in the fall. Luckily, his Uncle, Mr. CM has a foolproof method for quickly teaching newbies to ride. Within twenty minutes, he was cruising and pedaling, if not entirely proficient at braking.


Joel R. Kallman said...

How old is your nephew? That's quite impressive.

*Now* you mention that Mr. C.M. has a foolproof way for teaching newbies to ride. My 5 year old son just sort of naturally "got it" this year (he had just turned 5). But my guess is your nephew is far from 5.

Ms Mgt said...

He will turn four in September.

Congrats to your son! Isn't it a thrill when they pedal off all on their own?