Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Bad. Real Bad.

Do not adjust your set...
In 325 days, I haven't had such a bad case of shooter's block as I had on this day. No ideas. No inspiration. I had plenty of excuses, though: I missed the sunny part of the day. My camera's not working right. Too busy. Whatever. It just wasn't happenin'.

So, I logged on to my favorite social networking website & told all of my friends about my problem. They had lots of great ideas, including one odd suggestion: Mix it up -- Instead of trying to take good pictures, why don't you try taking some bad pictures for a while?

I thought: Pfftt! I take bad pictures all the time! That's too easy!

And then, I spent some time trying to come up with something -- anything -- interesting to shoot. It was bad. I even took a picture of David Letterman on the tv. (Who I find very interesting, but that's another story...)

But when I looked at my photos from the day, I kept coming back to this one. I forgot to change the camera settings from yesterday, so it is overexposed & the white balance is waaayy off. The composition is questionable. The subject...? It was a bad photo to match my bad mood. In the end, I decided to go with it. It was the perfect statement for the day I was having, so why fight it?


Milkayphoto said...

Aaaah Chris, so sorry you had a bad day! We've all been there, buh-lieve me! Being inspired and creative every single day is hard, real hard. I think you handled your slump quite well. I'm sure UPS would love it! :-)

Michelle said...

Brown delivers!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you were in a bad mood, but I like the photo!!

Samantha White said...

now only if we could see the ups guy's nice legs ;)

Ms Mgt said...

Samantha, I think we have to wait for summer for that! Our UPS guy probably has his long-johns on until April! :)