Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Put away the paper plates, we're back in the dishwashing business!
Mr. CM fixed it himself after doing some internet searching on the problem... resetting the control board by pushing a few buttons did the trick.

To think, Mr. Repairman was about to charge us $400 for his solution...!

And yes, it worked on Ann's dishwasher, too.


Contessa Kris said...

It does pay to do some research. Did the same with our dishwasher, found the part I needed for $15 total. Repair would have charge $100 just to walk in the door!

Love your pic.

Ruprecht said...

Freakin' repair people.

Go, Mr. CM!

Milkayphoto said...

Woohoo! Mr. CM has certainly earned points with this fix, now, hasn't he? :-)

Lisa said...

Now what will you buy with the $400 you saved?