Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas in the Square

Our town ushered in the season with its annual "Christmas in the Square" festivities last night. Downtown streets were closed to cars, and families thronged the square, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa as he arrived by firetruck. We avoided the crush of the Santa mob, and enjoyed some great performances of holiday tunes at the other end of the block.

But take a look at my favorite part of the evening. No, it's not snowing. Yes, that is Jimmy Stewart up on the wall.

As It's A Wonderful Life projects on the rear wall of shops, kids gather around the large vent that covers the train tunnel that burrows under the Square. Local artist & man-about-town Gary Nisbet covers the grate in cotton balls & bits of fluff, and posts the train schedule. The crowd & the excitement build as the appointed times draw near. When the train finally passes underneath, you feel the rumble, and hear the WHOOSH... and then you see all the fluffy bits fly up in the air, and fall softly, like snow. With George Bailey looking on.

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