Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back Door

A funny thing happened on the way to take my photo today... My intent was to walk around our downtown, and capture some seasonal details. Along the way, I ended up calling an ambulance for a woman who had been out walking her dog when she took a bad spill. When the dust settled and the ambulance drove off, it was up to me to deliver Curly the terrier back to his house.

I probably should have taken a picture of Curly. But I couldn't quite figure out, in the few minutes it took to drive him home, just how he would fit with my newly-declared holiday theme. Put a bow on him? A Santa hat? He was a sweet guy, but nothing about him seemed too Christmas-y, and I had no bows or hats on me. Besides, how appropriate is it to go photographing a stranger's dog, especially if that stranger is incapacitated and in an ambulance, and has trusted you to deliver her dog safely home to an empty house?

So, I pulled into his driveway, and tucked him inside the house through the back door, feeling somewhat defeated. This was exactly the sort of random happening that cried out to be documented in photographic fashion, and I couldn't, because it wasn't holiday-related?! Who makes up these rules, anyway?

As I turned to go, I noticed the wreath on the door, with the striking green bow, and the red berries in the windowbox. My last chance. No neighbors watching... just one quick shot... that's ok, right?


PG said...

jeesh, such excitement. i hope the injured heal up fast and curly is out walking again with her in no time.

i think that a quick shot of their wreath is totally fine. payment for services rendered perhaps.

Stephanie said...

What you got there was appropriate for what you wanted for your picture. Nice shot!

Milkayphoto said...

Look at you! What a good Samaritan! Santa MUST take notice!

Even without the backstory, the image is a good one. AND with the drama, even better! :-)