Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's her birthday today. The anticipation of this day has been running high for the past few weeks, and this morning, she awoke thrilled that it was finally here. Getting older, for her, cannot happen fast enough.

She probably wouldn't believe this, but I remember how it felt to be in such a hurry. Every gesture, every declaration, every eye roll is familiar to me. The stumbles on that journey still make me cringe, and I cheer for the triumphs. We are in for an interesting ride, she and I.

But for now, enjoy one last look at her bare earlobes. After a long-fought debate, we are conceding this latest battle, and she'll be getting her ears pierced tomorrow....

Happy Birthday!


Stephanie said...

I remember those years of rushing to be an adult when I was little. Gorgeous pic of your child!

Unknown said...

Of course, I should have just looked here! Eleven...nice. What a wonderful picture. What a beautiful girl. Happy new chapter in your daughter's life.

Maddie daughter of Ms.Mgt said...

Thanks mom! Well 3 days 'till I'm twelve. Cell phone here I come!!!!!!!!!!!! : )