Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I know what you're thinking. "Wow. Applesauce. On a plain white background. Not very exciting..."
I'll have you know: that's chunky applesauce, thankyouverymuch.

When the "scratch & dent" department in the produce section of the market starts to fill up with apples, I know it's time to swing into action. I grab up several packages of slightly bruised, homely-looking fruit, bring them home, and set my helpers to work, peeling & chopping. We end up with a pot full of apples, which cooks down to slightly less than half a pot's worth of sauce. But they don't even wait until it cools. Before it's even done, they are lined up at the stove, spoons in hand.

Maybe that's not exciting... but it is satisfying in its own way.


milkayphoto said...

Mmmmm, applesauce. Now I have to go out and buy surplus apples!

Great photos, btw. Just started viewing and will continue to do so!


P.S. Don't want to cheat yourself out of a day, but isn't this image # 220/365?

Ms Mgt said...

Whoops! Good catch, Tracy!
Thanks for stopping by!

Ruprecht said...

Nope. Not exciting at all.

But tasty, nonetheless.

Friend passed along a recipe for pear sauce that is divine. I now must hunt it down and make some to put over my Breyer's Natural Vanilla I will obviously be acquiring this weekend - thanks to you.

Stephanie said...

Love applesauce and nicely done on the photograph! I have a great applesauce loaf recipe. Let me know if want the recipe.

Lisa said...

Looks yummy! Do you use any apples you can find or does the sauce taste better with a particular type of apple? I think I'd like to make some!