Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hangin' at the PACU

PACU stands for Post Anesthesia Care Unit. We logged several hours there yesterday. (Mr. CM had his back repaired, and is now on the mend, thankfully.) The unit sits at the intersection of two corridors, in what feels like a subterranean basement. It's actually on the third floor of the hospital, but I was so turned around that I pressed the "up" elevator button when I went to leave...

Anyway. Since we had to wait an extra-long time for his room to become available, I was allowed to hang around the PACU, and occasionally visit with our patient. In between visits, I waited here at the intersection, watching a steady stream of doctors, nurses, transport aides, custodians pass by, at various speeds.

It was a long day. I am grateful that, for us, everything will turn out ok. But the hospital is not the best place for taking photos. At least not for me on this occasion. Too much tension and worry. In the end, this self-portrait (that I snuck during a traffic-free moment) best captured the mood of the day.

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PG said...

I am NOT a fan of hospitals. Even when we were in the for healthy and uneventful birth of each of our children I didn't like getting too and from the birthing unit.