Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giant Sunflower

Stopping at this glorious garden to marvel at the sunflowers, I reached for my camera (the one I'd been carrying around all day, but not yet used), to find the little card slot door open, and no SD card inside. I had forgotten to replace it last night... Mildly aggravated, I grabbed my cell phone & turned on the camera function. I figured I'd snap a few, and have to come up with something else later, back at home, for today's post.

But, guess what? I'm going with this one. I like it just fine. I really like the perspective.
And -- it's done. Ready. Good to go.

As our summer comes to a close, I find myself feeling a bit frantic, trying to squeeze every last drop from our vacation. As long as we are having fun, I might forget my anxiety about the new school year, or how I dread the schedule-juggling that awaits, or that I'm sad to see the kids get older so fast.

Problem is, when you are trying so mightily to enjoy yourself, it can be hard to just enjoy and appreciate the moment. Plus, it is exhausting. So, this is my nod to living in the moment. There will be no do-over with a fancier camera, and better lighting, and a cuter outfit. It's just us in a field of giant sunflowers at the end of the summer. How could it be any better?


PG said...

too funny, that was my experience Monday. Left my battery at home and discovered such on my way to the Sox game. Shot a few with the camera and enjoyed the game.

I don't regret toting the camera nearly everywhere, but sometimes it is nice to be without it.

Attie's Mom said...

I didn't even realize that this was taken with a cheapo camera - I just like the pic =)

Lisa said...

I am touched by your back-to-school, kids-growing-up sentiments. I'm feeling the kids-growing-up-too-fast part more now that I've got one starting high school this year. Great photo, too.

Unknown said...

Hi, Chris! Love your blog. Thanks for letting me in. Let's go for a pitcher of sangria sometime soon? -Una