Monday, July 13, 2009

Mithing Toofs, or: When is a Tooth Not Just a Tooth?

I am the type of person who cannot abide yanking of wiggly baby teeth. All that twisting and pulling and hanging by a thread creeps me out.
She is the kind of person who loves to yank baby teeth. And her Dad is always willing to assist. We had all struck a deal...the plan was, if her one remaining top center chopper didn't fall out by Wednesday, he'd take care of it.
As is her usual M.O., she quietly and resolutely took matters into her own hands. And so, with one final "plink" on this sunny Monday afternoon, she shed another piece of her baby-ness, her little-kid persona. She does this all the time, in different ways, and with increasing frequency.
It's kind of exasperating, kind of heartbreaking, and kind of thrilling.
It's just the way it goes, I guess.


Nora said...

She reminds me of Liz at that age. Of course when Liz was that age I thought she was really old.

Ms Mgt said...

There's definitely a resemblance!
Remember when looking older was a good thing...? ;)

Lisa said...

My youngest daughter (the one who lost a tooth this week, too) will work a tooth non-stop until it comes out. The tooth doesn't have to be very wiggly either. It just has to show the very slightest of movement. Your toothless daughter is adorable!