Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My assistant and I headed to the beach this morning, in the hopes of taking some photos for my homework this week. This shot was not part of the assignment, or even the best photo I took today, but I include it here because it made me chuckle, even though my patience with this cold rainy stuff is growing thin.


PG said...

totally hear you about your patience.

I have been fighting the negativity that is rampant around here. Constant griping about the weather abounds, at work, in the neighborhood, out on errands etc... But it's getting harder.

Today has been cruel, sun pops out then it pours rain forest type rain then the sun pops back out. Mother Nature is now taunting us I think!

Ms Mgt said...

Usually, I don't mind the rain too much. I like to save my griping for when its oppressively hot & muggy! But this is getting ridiculous...