Saturday, July 4, 2009


Every year in my parent's neighborhood, Independence Day is marked, appropriately enough, with displays of illicit fireworks. Do not mistake this for an organized event, with choreographed rockets and a band playing Stars and Stripes Forever. But as night falls, crowds begin filling the neighborhood, making their way toward the beach. Bonfires are set in the sand. The police arrive on the scene and quietly keep an eye on things. They show little concern as random bursts of roman candles begin up and down the block. Eventually, the families with the biggest cache of pyrotechnics hit their stride, and the show can go on for almost an hour.

This was my first attempt to photograph fireworks. As we remarked last night, it was a "crap shoot". (yuk yuk!) But overall, I was pleased with the results...there are some other shots here.


PG said...

good stuff! I am still a bit cranky that we didn't make it to any fireworks this July. I do want to take a shot at shooting them.

Ms Mgt said...

I'm sure you'll get another chance before the summer is out...maybe the Marshfield Fair will have some....?