Thursday, July 9, 2009


Note to self: Try to remember the next time you take the subway, to bring small bills for the self-serve ticket machine. Because when you feed the machine a $20 bill for a $5 ticket, it will return your change in dollar coins. Coins, which you may have forgotten, are actually still in circulation. As you watch those brassy chips tumble into the change tray, you might even, for a moment, become incensed thinking that the MBTA is trying to reimburse you with arcade tokens. Inevitably, you will feel foolish -- for not knowing, for getting upset, and for not having a place to stash 15 large coins.
So, save yourself the aggravation. Next time you decide to go on a big urban adventure, bring some singles.


Attie's Mom said...

Not sure where your journey is with the tooth fairy, but the one that visits our house likes to leave gold $1 coins. Maybe she gets them from the MBTA too????

Ms Mgt said...

Hmmm....that might also explain why the tooth fairy is chronically late around here, too.

PG said...

I love dollar coins. I am all for the abolition of paper money!